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Case Studies

World-class Water Reuse Facility

The construction of a school’s world-class competition-grade football field was demanding in itself but making sure the monthly operating cost was low became a greater challenge that only Technotest could offer a solution.

Client Challenge

The school, one of the country’s premiere private schools, had a desire to rehabilitate and renovate their sports infrastructure. Following the construction of a multi-discipline sports center, the school set its sights on renovating the football field. Their goal was not only to build a world-class football field but also make sure the maintenance and operation of such did not tax further the resources of the school. Realizing that football fields needed substantial watering to ensure quality grass growth and turf development, the school aimed to make sure that the water costs were managed in planning the development and construction of the field.

Technotest’s Role

Given this challenge, Technotest offered to the school a wastewater recycling system that would enable them to reuse the wastewater as irrigation water source for the new football field. The key task involved not only the design of the system but also the redesign and renovation of the existing drainage infrastructure of the school in order to ensure that at least 85% of the wastewater was captured and pumped through the recycling process.

Technotest did not only provide the engineering design, construction, and implementation work for the wastewater recycling system, but also provided technical expertise in assisting the football field contractor in the design and construction of the needed irrigation tanks and pumping system. Our engineers played a key role in making sure that the school not only achieved its objective of reusing their wastewater for irrigation but also in making sure that the football field irrigation system could function to the high level of standard put by the school.

Results with Trifinity

Our task of delivering wastewater effluent of reuse quality carried the guarantee that it would be safe amidst exposure to the players and users of the football field. In addition, Technotest had to make sure that our treatment process did not pose any harm or damage to the grass that was going to be used by the football field contractor.  Today, the system delivers reusable wastewater for the football field irrigation requirements which have allowed the school to save almost 2,000 cubic meters of new water demand every month. The value of the system, given the equivalent savings in new water costs, is expected to return in 3.5 years.

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