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Water Services

We enable you to use water smartly and efficiently.

Our services are focused on preserving and conserving water as valuable resoure. The key to our solutions is to offer alternatives that give a more efficient yield of output in terms of water treatment and the capability ro reuse for wastewater. This is our promise- that our systems and process solutions help you maximize the consumption of water- either through increasing output yield or through the practice of recycling.

TRUE VALUE & PERFORMANCE. Our engineering solutions answer the water-specific needs of today’s challenging conditions. We directly address the pressing problems of sourcing and scarcity. Throughout the years, we have developed an expertise in DRAINAGE SYSTEM AND FLOOD CONTROL, WATER TREATMENT AND SOURCING, and WASTEWATER RECYCLING. Our projects have focused on providing needed irrigation for agricultural areas, sourcing for entities with exigent need for water, and the treatment of wastewater for safe discharge and reuse. Our clients’ specific needs are always primary in our solutions. We ensure that each offers not only a cost-effective alternative but also a promise of return of investment. We can help.

BRAVE INNOVATION. Our constant pursuit of innovation makes us stand out. We persistently reinforce our core strength in process engineering by introducing unique approaches and applications. Our experience has given us the foundation and the confidence to break traditional thinking and take forward actions on the complex and growing water-centered problems of the environment.

Water is a precious and a depleting resource. Our response is to provide solutions that enable the efficient use and reuse of water resources. We gear our services to utilize water efficiently and sustainably in order to produce true values in the form ecological and financial benefits. Our offerings cover the following services:

Turnkey services for water and wastewater treatment plants
Installation of sewerage and industrial treatment plants
Operation and maintain sewerage and industrial wastewater treatment plants
Water and wastewater treatment plan design, inclusive of upgrading services
Installation of water treatment and wastewater reuse technologies
Upgrading existing wastewater treatment plants for reuse capability
Supply of water and wastewater chemicals and equipment

PROVEN TRACK RECORD. Our extensive experience in water services is unique. The wide exposure to diverse sectors and industries makes the basis for success and has given us the needed expertise. Some of our past and on-going environmental projects* that we have notably completed include the following:

Amanpulo Resort 1& 2
Bayview International Tower
EDSA Central Complex
Philippine Health Food Co. (UNILAB)
Sime Darby Philippines
San Miguel Properties – Building 1
Fujitsu Computer Products Corp.
La Tondena Distillers Inc.
PSI Technologies, Inc.
Xavier School
AIC Gold Tower

*Complete listing available upon request

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