Technotest Incorporated

Small Scale Water Reuse

The Technotest Trifinity Systems – Reuse Compact Membrane Bio-Reactor (Trifinity cMBR) Solution

Trifinity cMBR is our answer to the challenge of offering a wastewater solution that is both economical and space-efficient for low volume wastewater needs. The Trifinity cMBR offers two distinct benefits:
1. Smaller space requirement (maximum of 4.5m diameter by 4.5m depth) due to unique design specifically for small volume wastewater treatment requirements;and
2. Affordable pricing due to the integration of the tank with the MBR system which gives economical advantages in terms of cost, pump sizing, and construction ease.
All of these benefits are delivered without sacrifice to the inherent advantages of an MBR solution which are:
• High pollutant removal capability thus giving better effluent characteristics that makes the treated wastewater ready for reuse;
• Low sludge production; and
• Ease of operation and maintenance of the system.
Our Trifinity cMBR is designed as an integrated system with the Treatment Area and the Bioreactor Tank in one unit.  The bioreactor tank is incorporated with the primary chamber but maintaining the mixed liquor suspended solids or the biological growth at 8,000-15,000 mg/L instead of the usual 2,500-4,000 mg/L.  This indicates a much longer sludge retention time of 25-30 days. This is made possible through our circular submerged tank design.
The integration of the three conventional treatment processes – sedimentation, aeration, and filtration are rolled into one simple yet efficient technology design.  Our Trifinity cMBR system yields best effluent quality and is significantly smaller than comparable conventional systems with the potential for reuse/recycle of effluent wastewater.
The Trifinity cMBR as a compact system has a lower operating cost and minimal footprint area which reduces civil and mechanical works, significantly, lowering the total capital cost for a wastewater recycling/treatment system.
Operations-wise, membrane life span averages to about 3.5 years and can be extended up to 5 years depending on usage and maintenance practices. Replacement and maintenance cost is low versus conventional SBR and modified systems.
The MBR technology in treating both industrial and municipal waste has been used in the United States and in Europe over the past 10 years.  It is now gaining popularity in Singapore, Japan, China, India and in the Middle East.  Our MBR membranes are made in China by Sinap and have been used extensively for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater in various locations and applications. Reference sites and installations can be provided upon request.